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Chef Dave has a passion for real cooking and not cutting corners. Dave says " If my burgers are not the juiciest and not cooked eccentrically, I am not satisfied. The words Juicy, Big, eccentric, and fantastic describes my cooking. If it is not, then it is not my burger period. I buy my meats at the local markets and farmers, to enhance the healthy and delicious flavors at the same time while enjoying your meal at Dave's Gourmet Burgers and More.”

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Dave’s Gourmet Burgers and More is a proud American restaurant that brings the best organic plant-based cuisine to our tables. Our organic products, like our pakora burgers, are made with chickpea flour, potatoes, onions and more. All our items are guaranteed to be top quality with no added chemicals. If you would like to try our food for yourself, then feel free to come into Dave’s Gourmet Burgers and More today.

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